The share price of Tourism Finance Corporation of India (TFCI) experienced a notable uptick of 5% during morning trading on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), following the announcement of investor Aditya Kumar Halwasiya's acquisition of a substantial 13% stake in the company.

This significant move by Halwasiya reflects a strong vote of confidence in TFCI's prospects, as evidenced by his acquisition of 1,18,02,094 equity shares at an average price of Rs 209.75 per share.

The market responded positively to this development, with investors interpreting Halwasiya's investment as a bullish signal for TFCI's growth potential in the hospitality sector.

Simultaneously, the market witnessed the complete divestment of Varanium India Opportunity's stake in TFCI, with the foreign investor selling its entire holding of 30,97,461 equity shares.

Additionally, Varanium Capital Advisors liquidated 10,04,400 equity shares in the company.

These transactions, coupled with the divestment of 42,56,100 equity shares by Pransatree Holdings Pte and 34,44,133 equity shares by Koppara Sajeeve Thomas, further contributed to the dynamics of TFCI's shareholding structure.

As of December 2023, Pransatree Holdings retained an 8.81% stake in TFCI, while Koppara Sajeeve Thomas held a 4.92% stake.

The exit of Varanium India Opportunity, which previously held a 3.43% stake in TFCI, marked a significant development in the company's investor composition.

TFCI, a key player in financing, corporate loans, working capital demand loans, and structured financing within the hospitality segment, has witnessed robust growth momentum.

The stock's remarkable surge of over 200% in the past year underscores investor confidence in TFCI's business model and growth prospects.

Halwasiya's strategic investment indicates his belief in TFCI's ability to capitalise on opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry, positioning the company for further expansion and value creation in the foreseeable future.