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Suzlon Shares Surge 250% After Rs 179 Crore Block Deal

Suzlon Energy's shares surged after a Rs 179 crore block deal, with 3.7 crore shares traded. The stock rose 3.7% to Rs 51.7, nearing its 52-week high. Over the past year, Suzlon's shares have jumped 250%, significantly outpacing the Nifty 50 index's 25% gain.

Delta Corp Shares Surge on Prospects of GST Cut for Casinos

Delta Corp shares surged 15% due to optimism over potential GST cuts for casinos, which currently impose heavy financial burdens. Investors expect reduced taxes to boost Delta Corp's profitability and spur growth, reflecting strong market anticipation of favorable regulatory changes.

Vodafone Sells 20% Indus Towers Stake for Rs 17,065 Crore

Vodafone Group sold a 20% stake in Indus Towers for Rs 17,065 crore, triggering a float adjustment in passive indices. This strategic move aims to reduce Vodafone's significant debt while potentially attracting $200 million in global passive flows to Indus Towers.

Paytm Shares Surge 4% on Potential Movie Ticketing Sale to Zomato

Paytm's shares jumped over 4% amid talks to sell its movie ticketing business to Zomato, part of a strategy to focus on core financial services. This follows an upgrade from Bank of America Securities, highlighting improved risk-reward prospects and strong revenue growth.

HFCL Stock Rises 10% on European Anti-Dumping Exemption

HFCL Ltd.'s stock surged 10% after the European Commission exempted the company from anti-dumping duties, enhancing its competitiveness and profitability in the European market. This strategic exemption bolsters HFCL’s market position and underscores its growth potential.

Ambuja Cement Shares Rise 4% Following Penna Cement Acquisition

Ambuja Cement's shares rose 4% after acquiring Penna Cement, enhancing its market presence in South and West India. The acquisition is expected to create synergies and operational efficiencies, reflecting investor confidence in Ambuja's growth strategy.


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