Welcome to ProCapitas, your premier destination for comprehensive financial services and your trusted partner in monetary success. As a part of the Jobaaj Group, we bring together a team of experts and boast a follower base of over 20,000 finance enthusiasts. Our state-of-the-art dashboard empowers individuals and businesses by providing the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

At ProCapitas, we are committed to guiding you on your journey to financial success, offering a suite of solutions tailored to your needs. Experience the difference of having a dedicated team of professionals by your side as you navigate the complexities of finance.

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Professional Financial Models

Employ our sophisticated financial models to confidently assess and predict the future performance of your investments, enhancing your decision-making and risk management capabilities.

In-Depth Equity Research

Acquire comprehensive insights into individual stocks through thorough our research, helping you make well-informed investment decisions and get a deeper understanding of market dynamics.

Real-Time Market Updates

Stay at the forefront of financial markets by receiving instant updates on the latest news and data, empowering timely decision-making and proactive responses to market changes.

Insightful Stock Analyses

Utilize our detailed stock analyses to uncover hidden opportunities within the market, enabling strategic investment choices that align with your personalized financial goals and risk tolerance.

Free Research Reports

Access a wealth of knowledge through our complimentary research reports covering diverse financial topics, providing valuable resources for expanding financial literacy and making informed investment decisions.

Director's Message

Jobaaj Group is a network of internet companies operating in different domains and thus creating an ecosystem, domains include education, recruitment, media, financial consulting, fashion and related services.

In past few years, Jobaaj Group has been able to garner greater shares of the classified market because of a general shift to more online activity and greater acceptability of its offerings in the online space. There has been a rapid acceleration in internet usage during this time in India. Internet penetration is witnessing exponential growth with mobile internet being the primary growth driver.

While this represents a tremendous increase in the opportunities available for Jobaaj Group, the company faces the challenge of creating products that are device agnostic.

Consumer preferences are also evolving at a rapid pace and attention and efforts have therefore been focused on understanding customer behavior across mediums to deliver satisfaction through different products.

To remain ahead of competition in an ever-changing volatile market, the company’s recent focus has been to develop new and updated online products which solves real life problem of their customers. These products are being regularly iterated based on consumer’s feedback to deliver them the best experience.

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Founder & MD

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Board Member, MBA-Cambridge University

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Nikhil Agarwal

Head of ProCapitas

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Sagar Pratap Singh

Senior Business Development Strategist

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Head Of Digital Marketing


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