SpiceJet witnessed a notable 5% surge in its shares during the opening trade on January 10, setting the stage for the company's upcoming annual general meeting (AGM).

Scheduled for the next day, the AGM is pivotal for the beleaguered airline as it seeks approval from stakeholders to secure an investment of Rs 2,250 crore.

This substantial capital injection, if sanctioned, is earmarked for powering SpiceJet's expansive expansion and revitalization strategies. Notably, the airline has experienced a remarkable 80% surge in its shares over the past three months.

As part of its vision for SpiceJet 3.0, the airline aims to bring 25 grounded aircraft back into operation, reflecting its commitment to a robust revitalization plan.

The ambitious scheme has captured the attention of the investor community, with reports indicating that 64 entities have expressed interest in investing in the low-cost carrier.

In a strategic move to fortify its market presence, SpiceJet is actively pursuing the acquisition of the bankrupt rival, GoFirst.

This initiative aligns with SpiceJet's broader plan to create a consolidated entity targeting a substantial 25% market share.

As of 9:34 am, SpiceJet shares were valued at Rs 63.99 on the National Stock Exchange, reinforcing the positive market sentiment surrounding the airline.

Notably, CNBC-TV18 sources reported that Carlyle Aviation Partners, a prominent player in aviation investments, has shown interest in investing in SpiceJet.

A recent meeting between the president of Carlyle Aviation and SpiceJet CMD Ajay Singh delved into potential prospects and strategies for both SpiceJet and its cargo arm, SpiceXpress.

It's worth highlighting that Carlyle Aviation currently holds a 7% stake in SpiceJet, while the promoter, Ajay Singh, retains a substantial 57% stake in the company.

The unfolding developments suggest a dynamic landscape for SpiceJet, with significant investment potential and strategic partnerships in the offing.