Delta Corp shares saw a significant increase, surging by 15% on the back of investor optimism surrounding potential cuts in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for casinos.

This upward movement in share price reflects market expectations that the government might lower the GST rate, which currently imposes a substantial financial burden on the gaming and hospitality sectors.

Delta Corp, being a prominent player in this industry, stands to benefit greatly from such a tax reduction.

The surge in share price indicates a strong positive sentiment among investors who foresee improved profitability and growth for Delta Corp if the GST cut materializes.

Currently, the GST rate for casinos is relatively high, impacting their margins and overall financial performance.

A reduction in this tax rate would not only boost Delta Corp's earnings but also make the business environment more conducive for expansion and investment.

Analysts are closely watching the government's moves, as a decision to cut GST rates would likely have a ripple effect across the industry.

For Delta Corp, which operates several casinos and hotels, the financial relief from a lower GST could lead to increased revenue and expanded operations.

This potential policy change is being viewed as a catalyst for the company's stock, driving substantial trading volumes and pushing the share price upwards.

Furthermore, the potential GST cut is seen as part of a broader effort by the government to stimulate economic growth by easing tax burdens on key sectors.

For Delta Corp, a reduction in GST would enhance its competitive position in the market, enabling it to attract more customers and potentially invest in new projects