In a significant development, BL Kashyap & Sons has bagged two substantial orders amounting to Rs 1,021 crore, propelling its share price to a 52-week high.

The company's stock touched Rs 95 in early trade on June 12, following the announcement of these new contracts.

By 09:22 am, the shares were trading at Rs 93.74 on the BSE, marking a rise of Rs 2.80 or 3.08 percent.

The total order book for BL Kashyap now stands at an impressive Rs 3,545 crore, excluding GST, showcasing the company's robust growth trajectory.

The first of these new contracts, valued at Rs 97 crore, was awarded by Sattva Homes.

This project involves the construction of a hotel structure and shell work, which is expected to be completed within a 13-month timeframe.

The second, more substantial contract, worth Rs 924.11 crore, was secured from DLF City Centre.

This project encompasses civil and composite steel structural works and is slated for completion in 21 months.

These new orders underscore BL Kashyap's strong presence and expertise in the construction industry, enhancing its reputation and market position.

In a separate development, BL Kashyap has received a summons from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

The company has been instructed to produce relevant documents or information before the regulatory authority.

This summons is part of an ongoing inquiry, the details of which have not been fully disclosed.

These recent developments indicate a period of dynamic activity for BL Kashyap & Sons, combining significant business growth with regulatory scrutiny.

The company’s ability to secure major contracts highlights its operational strength, while the SEBI inquiry will be a focal point for stakeholders monitoring the company’s compliance and transparency practices.