Advance Investment Banking Program
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Advanced Investment Banking Program

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Only 35 seats batch.
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Kuldeep Sharma

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10 Oct 2023

Career opportunities

Financial Analyst
Risk Management Consultant
Portfolio Manager
Account Manager
Business Analyst
Research Analyst
Equity Research Analyst
Investment Banking associate
Money Market Analyst
Investment Strategist
Relationship Manager
Bank Manager

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What you will learn

Want to accelerate your career in Investment Banking? An advanced investment banking Job oriented program to train you to master the investment Banking domain is waiting for you.

Learn in-depth about valuation techniques and how to value any company.
Master expert capital budgeting techniques by collaborating on real-life projects.
Become a pro at analyzing financial statements
Learn how to build financial models right from a blank excel sheet.
Master core concepts about the capital markets and learn in-depth about technical analysis.
Learn to use Excel from scratch to advanced concepts like Pivot Tables, Macros, and VBAs
Work on 40+ projects on all the above concepts and cement your knowledge practically!

Only 35 seats batch.
7-Days Money Back Guarantee

Procapitas, An exclusive asset of Jobaaj Group

During the rough time of Covid, each and every sector was facing setbacks. Everyone had to leave their workplaces and were supposed to stay at home, that phase was a pause in lives as well as learnings for most of us. This is when all of it started with an idea and led to the foundation of Jobaaj and its subgroups with diverse areas of services.

All of these subgroups were based on the idea of “For the Learners”. Procapitas is one of the most niche platforms of Jobaaj Group. Procpitas is a treasure trove of information related to Finance and the Stock Market. Having an intensive and updated knowledge of trading makes it an asset to the Jobaaj group.

It has been acknowledged by thousands of Jobaaj Learning students and Finance experts. Here’s how Procapitas, helps in building the skill set and upskilling:

  • A leveraged platform for building knowledge of Trading from slash to professional level.
  • Exclusive economic Calender keeps you posted with the upcoming changes in the market.
  • Free resources having multiple courses and finance reports
  • Niche Finance reports based on the most updated data curated by Finacial analysts
  • Company Movement helps you learn the past and upcoming movements in the top organisation

You get all of the above along with the program.

What is your reason to not upskill? Time is running out...









Only 35 seats batch.
7-Days Money Back Guarantee

Program insights

Live facilitated instructions + structured training resources

Learn right from basic excel to advanced financial modeling

The exact corporate and technical skills you need to land a job in IB

1:1 placement assistance

Lifetime access to the recorded classes with unlimited views

Resume optimizations

Interview Preparation

Completion certificate

Only 35 seats batch.
7-Days Money Back Guarantee

Intensive Career Support

Placement Opportunites

Having our own specialized HR team we are able to provide 1:1 mentorship to our students to opt for good opportunities.

Profile Enhancement

Individual profile enhancement with the help of Jobaaj LinkedIn optimizer and assistance from our specialized HR team to get out students placed.

Resume Building

In addition to polishing your existing CV, our expert team can update it to highlight your accomplishments and help you land top-tier jobs.

Interview Prep

Throughout your interview preparation, we will prepare you for both the HR and technical selection stages including basic to advanced model interview questions and answers, and one-on-one mock interviews.

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Curriculum Journey

  • Special Discord Community Bonus
  • Orientation Programme

  • The inception of Investment banking
  • History of Investment banking
  • The distinction between commercial & Investment Bank
  • Chinese walls
  • M&A waves
  • The inception of Investment banking Presentation

  • Equity capital markets
  • Advisory service M&A
  • Advisory service restructuring
  • Trading & Brokerage
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Banking activities Presentation

  • Global investment banks
  • Banks that focus on financial market services
  • Wholesale banking
  • And boutique advisory firms

  • Equity capital Markets presentations
  • Why do companies go public
  • Investors in an IPO
  • Pricing an IPO
  • IPO Timeline
  • IPO Syndicate
  • The pricing process- Pre-IPO Research
  • The pricing process- Roadshows
  • Share Allocation
  • stabilisation Efforts

  • Bond & Its types
  • Bond vs Loans
  • Mechanics of Bond Offering
  • Credit Ratings-Junk Boards
  • Securitization

  • Why M&A
  • Deal Lifecycle
  • M&A process
  • Pricing of M&A Deals
  • Payment in an M&A deal
  • Financial vs Corporate Buyers

  • Introduction to Restructuring
  • Types of Restructuring

  • Introduction to Trading & Brokerage

  • Introduction to asset management

  • Basic to advance excel
  • Learn excel from very basic to professional level

  • Corporate Finance addresses the practical aspects of
  • Fundraising and the deployment of cash

  • What is financial analysis?
  • How is a financial analysis done?
  • Types of financial analysis
  • Investment financial analysis
  • Corporate financial analysis
  • Examples of financial analysis
  • Why is financial analysis useful?

  • M&A Model 1
  • M&A Model 2
  • M&A Model 3
  • M&A Model 4
  • M&A Model 5
  • M&A Model Worksheet Unsolved
  • M&A Model Worksheet solved

  • LBO Meaning & Its phase
  • Ideal LBO Candidates
  • How financial sponsors make money
  • LBO Model 1
  • Building LBO Model part 2
  • Leverage Buyouts presentation
  • LBO Model worksheet Unsolved
  • LBO Model worksheet solved 2

  • Live sessions 1
  • Live sessions 2
  • Live sessions 2 case Study file
  • Live sessions 3 Understanding banker's perspective
  • Live sessions 3 Notes
  • Live sessions Financial Model
  • Live sessions Financial Model Unsolved
  • Live sessions Options buying
  • Live sessions DCF Valuation
  • Live sessions Trade Plan, risk management, and setups
  • Live sessions Free cash flow to equity & merger acquisitions
  • FCFE Case excel file
  • M and A Excel File
  • Live sessions Leveraged Buyout case study
  • Leveraged Buyout case study Excel file
  • case study on Financial Feasibility & Beta computation of a stock| Excel File
  • Analyze stock data using excel
  • Prediction of the Stock price using regression
  • Prediction of the stock price using regression File

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Know your Mentors

CA Aditya Jain
Finance Expert

Popularly known as the ‘SFM Guru’, he firmly believes “kal kal karte karte kaal aa jata hai.” And therefore he hates procrastination. A firm practitioner of a practical approach to learning, he banks an experience of over 15 years as an educator. Sharing his knowledge and experience with students excites him to the core and the glorious track record of his students says it all.

CA Kuldeep Sharma
Certified Investment Banker, IB program Trainer

Kuldeep Sharma is a Chartered Accountant by qualification. He is experienced in the field of project financing and financial analysis for over 7 years. He has been working in a reputed bank's, Commercial Business Banking division, managing an asset portfolio of over INR 3000 million to his credit. Experienced in Banking and Financial services, his work exposure includes financial modeling, financial analysis, financing greenfield projects, working capital finance, corporate debt restructuring, strategic debt restructuring, loan documentation, and various loan products, LCs & BGs, and similar activities.

Saksham Agarwal
Chartered Accountant, MD & Founder Jobaaj Group

Saksham Agarwal is a certified Chartered Accountant and a well-established entrepreneur. He is the founder and managing director of one of India’s Leading E-Learning Platform Jobaaj Learnings & the Chairman Trustee of the Eshan group of institutions, an Engineering, and Management institute. He has set benchmarks in the field of education. His achievements and growth don’t stop here as he has achieved multiple certifications in the field of Finance and accounting apart from his CA degree.

CA Mohit Gupta
Options Trading Trainer & Ex-Barclay's

CA Mohit Gupta has a proven track record of academic excellence. He is also an Ex-Barclay(business analyst) and has served as a legal entity controller for corporate banks and investment banks. He also holds a certified research analyst certification from the National Institute of Securities and Markets in addition to his CA degree. He has been a stock market veteran for 5+ years and has generated lakhs of consistent profits in his F&O trading journey.

How are you going to be trained as an Investment Banker??

Live Industrial experiences, and assignments based on actual data sets, there will be an in-depth and pragmatic experience with professional skills to work as a professional in an organization

Industrial Learning

Case studies based on industrial problems and data will be used to make you familiarise yourself with real-world situations and issues.

Continuous learning

Crossing the boundaries of traditional learning and imparting knowledge via students' active participation to help the student learn by doing.

Continuous Evaluation

Live projects, assignments, Q& As help the student to brainstorm and the competition among students keeps the enthusiasm alive.

Experts Support

Learning from the industrial experiences of the experts and having Formal & Informal interactions between students and Mentors.

Only 35 seats batch.

Success Stories

I heard about the Job Guaranteed Investment Banking Program offered by Jobaaj learnings though I was not confident as Jobaaj was a start-up at that time. I joined it by attending a workshop. This program helped me a lot to shape my knowledge of the investment domain and helped me in landing my dream job

Being a qualified CA, and not feeling enough confident lead me to join this program. This program was the right platform for a fresher like me to learn all the industrial skills. I was able to learn about my own potential and was able to find my specialization. I am really grateful to all the mentors and the team for making this learning journey smooth

Working in a renowned organization and being comfortable with my job made me worried about my future. I decide to try something new and that is when I joined this program. Having mentors with different multiple socialisations in the investment banking domain was the best part of this program. I am thankful to the Jobaaj Learnings.

Being a qualified CA and not being enough confidence in my own capabilities, I was not confident to join my dream organization. I was looking to join some professional learning-based programs and I joined this program. After intensive training for 6 months, I was able to achieve it. Wholeheartedly grateful to the Jobaaj Team!!

I was done with my studies but I was not prepared for a job, therefore o joined Investment Banking Professional program. I enjoyed all the practical learnings through this program. There were 30+ industrial projects and based on actual data this was the most important part of the program. After the successful completion of the program, I got an internship in one at a renowned organization.

Commerce Graduate with +4 years of experience I was not able to get a decent job role because my profile was dynamic, not specializing. Having no specialization was a hindrance in my career. To find out my specialization I joined the Professional IB program and it was actually helpful for me. I was able to shape my career.

Choose the right professional program for yourself!!

Get ahead with Jobaaj’s Professional Programs

Become an Investment Banking professional

In the current time of competition learn a professional program and train yourself as a professional.

Make yourself competent among the crowd

Learning all the industrial aspects with live projects, case studies and industrial reports helps you to experience industrial working methods.

Share your achievement

Let your friends and colleagues know about your career achievements by sharing the achieved certificate on social platforms.

Only 35 seats batch.

15 Weeks


intensive Learning by Industry experts

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You will be getting unlimited access to the whole curriculum for a lifetime.

Yes, you will be getting a compellation certificate at the end of the course.

No there will be no exams but you will be getting the certificate on successful completion of your projects.

Yes, you can take this course as this was designed from a very basic to a professional level.

Yes you will be getting recording of all the live classes.

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