6 Months Advance Finance Program Includes ( Stock Market, Options, Financial Modelling, Financial Research Analysis, Excel, and Cryptocurrency And Its Trading ).

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10 Oct 2023

Upskill Yourself. Get A Job Of 12 - 14 LPA In Finance 🚀

Industry Overview
Financial Model prep
30+Live Case Studies
1:1 Mentorship
Instructed By

CA Saksham Agarwal

Stock market Expert

Instructed By

Shubham Agarwal

Strategy Consultant at ZS London

Instructed By

CA Mohit Gupta

F&O Trading Expert

Instructed By

Kuldeep Sharma

Finance Expert

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Who is this program for?

Aspiring Investors

Even if you are just a student, this program will equip you with all the skills you need to start your trading career more effectively & efficiently AND also help you to develop a growth-strategic mindset for your future careers.

Financial Service Professionals

Network with similar growth-oriented mindsets like yours and collaborate on trading & investement with them. Learn industry-standard Growth Strategies, Options Trading Strategies, Technical Analysis and much more.

Retail Traders

Learn how to trade and invest in the most efficient ways possible and incorporate them into the way you perceive and process financial data to achieve growth.

C-Suite Working Professionals

Accelerate your career trajectory by 4-5 years by learning industry-standard Growth Strategies, Options Trading Strategies, Technical Analysis, Options Hedging Strategies and much more.

Hurry! Only few seats left.

Programs And Courses We are Covering

Get into the world of Finance

The #1 Finance Program In The Market

📊 In the complete course, you will get access to the below Modules.

📊 You will get lifetime access to the portal for your learning with updated content uploaded every month.

Learn Financial Modelling And Valuation

Financial models are important tools for all business decisions. When you're looking to raise finance, buy or sell a business, assess strategic options, or simply plan for the future, you are going to need a forecast.

Learn Stock Market : Market The First Step

The Objective of the beginner course for the stock market is to furnish the member with vital financial exchange hypothetical and practically so that one can apply something similar in investigating value markets for abundance creation.

Learn Technical Analysis Essentials

Best short term online technical analysis course. Chart analysis is more important than ever in today’s markets. Market participants of all backgrounds continue to monitor price action as market fluctuations affect the prices of various asset classes.

Financial Research Analysis

Get into the world of finance and learn to organize the data into Industrial research reports and train yourself to become a professional financial analyst.

Learn Excel Essential Formulas And Functions

If you are looking for a perfect Excel course, you will not be disappointed with this Excel course. It can be difficult to find the right Excel course for your needs, especially if you do not know much about this application and learn the basics.

Learn Excel A-2-Z Course

THE COURSE HAS BEEN updated to include all the NEW Excel Functions of Microsoft 365, including . Excel’s new XLOOKUP function New FILTER function in Excel SORT, SORT BY & UNIQUE.

Premium Corporate Package

Kickstart your Corporate Career by learning the most in-demand skills.

Hurry! Only few seats left.

Intensive Job Preparation By Jobaaj


This CA went on to reinvent himself as an educator and mentor

Building a career in Finance in the Hospitality Industry: the story of CA Amit Nagpal

Decoding my failure story: by CA Disha SureshKumar Daswani

Finance Program Highlights And Features

Course Pricing

An interactive training and mentorship program to help you kickstart your career in Finance Industry.

₹ 49,999

₹  24,999

Discounted price available for limited time slots.

 30 Live sessions

 Discord community access

 Placement Assistance & 1 Mock Interview & Resume writing Assistance

 Life time access

 Free Internship

Become a part of the trading community

Connect with like-minded and growth-oriented people working with you towards similar career goals and partake in dynamic discussions about strategic frameworks and growth strategies.

24/7 problem solving

Get your queries resolved in real-time and actively discuss strategies with a dynamic community.

Team up on Trading

Simulate the experience of working with traders & investers having similar goals.

Become a member of the trading community

Get access to a vast data of trading and investement all across India.

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Bonus of Worth Rs.9999

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1:1 Interview Prep
1:1 CV Review
Resume Builder and Optimiser tool
Linkedin Optimiser Tool

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How does the program work?

This Complete Finance program is a 20-week hands-on mentorship by Finance Experts.

Orientation induction

Meet the mentor and experience the complete roadmap of the program

Get added to the community

Network with like-minded, growth-driven people and get mentor updates on Discord.

Simulated trading data

Work on collaborative simulations of trading data of companies like Nagarro, Deloitte, etc.

Regular live sessions

Engage with the mentor and your peers on mock case interviews and data simulations

Access to training material

Get lifetime access to pre-recorded training content, and ebook guides.

Career support

Dedicated team support to help you trade & invest.

Hurry! Only few seats left.

You do not need a fancy degree to rule the finance world!

All you need is the right training, networking, and trading exposure to kickstart your career in the finance industry!

All of which you will be receiving in this 20-week extensive mentorship program, taught by our experts of trading & investement.

A glance into the program’s roadmap!

Stock Market: The First Step (Intoduction of Stock Market)

  • Types of Markets (Equity/Stock, Commodity, etc.)
  • Why Stock markets are the stairs which will take you from poor to rich
  • Popular Stock Exchange of india
  • Medium To Trade in Each Market
  • Number Of Stock Exchanges in India
  • How to permanently adopt an "Investor mindset" so you can invest smart not hard
  • Intital Public Offering (IPO)
  • Further Public Offer (FPO)
  • Primary market and Secondary Market
  • Market Timings Of Indian Stock Market
  • Pre-Opening Market Session
  • Gap up Opening
  • Gap down Opening

Understanding Of Stocks

  • Face Value of a Stock
  • Market Value Of a Stock
  • Book Value Of a Stock
  • Market Capitalization
  • Indices (Sensex, Nifty, Bank Nifty, etc.)
  • Earning Per Share (EPS)
  • Circuits
  • Upper Circuits/Lower Cicuits
  • Muhurat Trading

Corporate Actions & Its Impact On Stock Prices

  • Share Split
  • Bonus Shares
  • Right Share
  • Buy back Of Shares
  • Human psychology meets financial markets
  • Learn how to eliminate critical investing mistakes that cost you money
  • Learn essentials habits of world top investors that will help you to succeed in stock markets
  • Dividend
  • Quiz

Introduction To Derivatives , Introduction To Trading , Familiar Yourself With Trading Terminal

  • Future Contracts
  • Option Contracts- Types, option buyer vs seller, premium, etc.
  • Expiry Dates
  • Lot size/Tick size
  • Index Derivatives
  • Trader vs Investor ?
  • Types of Traders
  • Long Position/Short Position
  • Intraday Trading Vs Delivery
  • Technical Indicators
  • Price Action Trading
  • How to Take Trade , Types of Order , Limit Order , Market Order ?
  • Order Book Vs Trade Book , Importance Of Bracket Order ?

Technical Analysis , Candlestick Patterns & Forms

  • What is Price Action ?
  • Why Price Action ?
  • Comparision of Price Action & Indicator based Trading Using Live Example ?
  • Types of Candlestick Patterns Reversal & Continuation ?
  • Bullish Reversal Patterns ?
  • Morning Star ?
  • Three white soldiers , Bearish Reversal Patterns ?
  • Shooting Star , Bearish Engulfing ?
  • Evening Star , 3 Black Crows ?
  • Hammer Pattern ?

Support & Resistance , How to draw Support & Resistance

  • What is support & Resistance ?
  • What is trading range ?
  • Support & Resistance Zones
  • Dynamic S&R , Horizontal S&R ?
  • Trending S&R (Trendlines) ?
  • How to draw trend lines with real example ?
  • How to draw horizontal lines with real example ?

Gaps and Gap Analysis , Fibonacci Retracements

  • What are gaps on charts ?
  • Types of gaps
  • How to trade gaps ?What is Fibonacci Retracements ?
  • What is Fibonacci Retracements ?
  • What is Fibonacci Retracements ?

Price Action Trading Strategies , Risk Management

  • The 1% Risk Rule ?
  • Risk Reward Video ?
  • The Risks of Stock Trading With Leverage
  • What are Price Action Trading Strategies ?
  • Price Action Strategy 1 ?
  • Price Action Strategy 2 ?

Financial Modelling

  • Corporate Finance
  • Time Value of Money Part - I
  • Time Value of Money Part - 2
  • Capital Budgeting Part- I
  • Capital Budgeting Part- II
  • Cost of Capital
  • Equity Valuation Part- I
  • Equity Valuation Part- II

Financial Modelling

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Cash Flow Statement + Other Concepts
  • Depreciation Methods + Working Capital
  • Working Capital + DuPont Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis + Common Sizing
  • DCF Model - III
  • Project Finance Model Part - I
  • Project Finance Model Part - II
  • Project Finance Model Part - III
  • Project Finance Model Part - IV
  • Comparables Valuation Model – I

Financial Modelling

  • Interpreting FS of Listed Companies
  • Cash Flow statement
  • Computing Depreciation using Excel formulae
  • Working capital: Practical aspects
  • Capital Markets – Equity & Debt (IPO, SEO, etc.)
  • Ratio Analysis: Forming Basis for Comparables Valuation
  • DuPont Analysis
  • Common-sizing
  • Asset Management
  • Capstone Project

Financial Modelling

  • Financial Modeling Process
  • Best Practices in Financial Modeling
  • Build a model from a Blank Excel sheet
  • Projection of financial statements
  • Inter-linking the statements
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Football Field Chart

Basics of Options - I

  • Options History
  • Decoding Options
  • Real Life Option Agreements
  • Why Options?
  • Options Terminologies
  • Time Value Vs. Intrinsic Value
  • Why Greeks?
  • Delta
  • Vega
  • Theta
  • Gamma

Basics of Options - II

  • Bada Banda Theory
  • Option Moneyness
  • Option Risk Profile Chart
  • Option Risk Profiles
  • Option Chain
  • Open Interest
  • PCR
  • Multi Strike OI
  • Implied Volatility
  • All About Volatility
  • Statistics in Options

Getting Handy with Excel , Basics of Excel

  • Knowing Excel Part 1
  • Knowing Excel Part 2
  • Basic Arithmetic Operations SUM, MAX, MIN, SMALL, LARGE & MEDIAN
  • Transpose Vs TRANSPOSE Formula
  • Quick Calculations using Status Bar
  • Calculating Growth Percentage YoY & Using POWER Formula
  • Uses of ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN & MDOWN in Finance
  • Tricks for ROUND Formulas
  • Autofilling option for Numbers, Days, Dates, Months
  • Hide & Unhine Options Moving Data in Worksheets

Formatting Options in Excel , Sort and Filter Option

  • Ways to Format Cells
  • Formatting Numbers in different ways
  • Formatting lengthy text using Wrap Text and Alignment
  • All about Format Painter
  • Working with Tables
  • Fixing Rows and Columns using Freeze Panes
  • Grouping and Gridlines , Creating drop down list
  • Activating Developer Mode in Excel , All about Comments
  • Sorting Numbers and Dates in Different ways
  • Sorting text alphabetically (A-Z) or (Z-A)
  • Sorting by Cell Colour
  • 2 Level Sorting & Tricks for Sorting
  • Basics of Filter by using SUM & SUBTOTAL
  • Advanced Filter Vs General Filter
  • OFFTOPIC - How to use Cell Referencing ($) in formulas

Working with Dates , Logical Functions , Practical Data Cleaning

  • Dates in Excel and Calculating the duration using two dates with timestamp
  • Using Date Formulas
  • Use of EDATE & EMONTH
  • Experimenting with Date Formulas
  • Basic Logical Formulas
  • Using multiple Logical formulas - IF, AND, OR & Implementing on Text, Numbers, & Errors including IFERROR
  • Removing duplicate values and error values
  • Using Data Cleaning Formulas UPPER, PROPER, LOWER, TRIM, VALUE, LEN, RIGHT, LEFT & MID
  • Using Go To (Special) technique
  • Splitting data values Using Text to Column feature
  • Text to Column feature
  • Using CONCATENATE and Ampersand (&) to join values
  • Using Find & Replace feature

Pivot Table A-2-Z , Everything about LOOKUp Formulas

  • Getting started with Pivot Table
  • Grouping and Multiple tables in Pivot Table
  • Pivot Table for grouping Via Date, Blank Cells
  • Custom Grouping, Conditional Formatting in Pivot Table
  • Refresh Data, Sheets Via Division, ColorScale in Pivot Table
  • Basics of VLOOKUp , More about VLOOKUp , Vlookup vs. Hlookup
  • Using VLOOKUp with TRUE , Basics of MATCH formula
  • 2D Lookup using VLOOKUP & MATCH
  • Inter-worksheet 2D Lookup using VLOOKUP & MATCHx
  • Reverse Lookup using INDEX & MATCH
  • Fuzzy Lookup , Using VLOOKUP & INDIRECT formula
  • 3D Lookup using VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDIRECT & name ranges?
  • Using OFFSET formula for Dynamic Ranges

Conditional Aggregation , Conditional Formatting Analysis using What-If

  • Basics of COUNTIF, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF formula
  • Exercises for SUMIFS, COUNTIFS & VLOOKUP
  • Conditional Formatting - Color cells using conditions
  • Formula-based Conditional Formatting
  • Basics of Data Table feature of What-If Analysis
  • What-If Analysis with INDIRECT formula
  • More about What-If Analysis

Report Consolidation , Basics of Macros

  • Hidden trick of Consolidation using SUM for multiple sheets
  • Using CONSOLIDATE feature of Excel
  • Using SUBTOTAL feature of Excel using one criterion
  • What is VBA Macros?
  • How to enable Developer Tab in Excel?
  • Creating, Running and Saving a Macro
  • Running a Macro in Different Ways
  • Understanding VBA Workspace and Recoring the Macro
  • How to get VBA Codes?

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